Inspired to write …

Visiting the R&C one evening, Paul Evans spotted that after every home game, the Rose and Crown cooks supper for the NIHL Div.1 side, the Oxford City Stars, for their post game celebrations.
He wrote:

The opposition side goes down
And Andrew at the Rose and Crown
Is naturally inclined to think
He’ll buy his local Stars a drink
For their heroics on the rink …
They’ve bought him, and his pub, renown!

He wants to celebrate the luck
Of Oxford’s princes of the puck
With sausages for those who played,
But calculations must be made
By Andrew down in North Parade
Who always likes to save a buck…

 But Andrew, since his early teens,
Has had ice hockey in his genes,
So, as a welcome to his pub,
He feeds them endless plates of grub …
Next week, he’s coming on as sub,
So Andrew’s really full of beans!

What fun!

Thank you

Paul Evans



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