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MAXINE DAY – jazz singer


Maxine Day - jazz singer has died. Tim Richardson (drums) gave me this most sad news that Maxine had passed away earlier in the month. Maxine had been unwell for a while. South African born, Maxine was a jazz singer with a wonderful, melodic and powerful voice, that had great expression and passion. Her endearing, [...]

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also we deliver BEER and WINE to your door! DO YOU HAVE YOUR PREFERRED CONDIMENTS for your meal? No! You have you none left, then ask us, we might be able to add to order. (e.g.  Worcestershire sauce with cottage pie.) ____________________________________________________________________ INGREDIENTS, ALLERGY INFORMATION & COOKING INSTRUCTIONS LABELLING

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Connect with us at Microsoft Teams, Facebook and Houseparty


HOUSEPARTY - Andrew Hall, and my username is rosecrownox , it's great fun. FACEBOOK - connect and leave messages for other members of our community https://www.facebook.com/Roseandcrownph/ MICROSOFT TEAMS -  not so sure, I think you give me your name and email, and I add and invite.

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Photographs by Stephen Foote


Sunday, 26th April 2020, early morning, 6.30am! More stunning photography from 'Footie'. Thank you. Enjoy.     PHOTOGRAPHS:  ©2020 Stephen Foote All Rights Reserved

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Fresh meat, vegetables and fruit from Meatmaster, Osney Mead.


Free local delivery for orders over £60.00, but ... ROSE AND CROWN: Ordering less than £60, live local and have no transport, let us know, <email> <Facebook> <Contact tab> (on this webpage) < telephone > etc. and we'll do our level best to find someone to help, says Andrew. ... to postcodes OX1-OX5, OX10-14, OX20, [...]

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Oxford City Council – COVID 19, HELP & ADVICE


One of the local support groups, "North Parade Residents and Traders Association",  have received this information from Oxford City Council: The attached information sheet, which I received from the City Council, is intended for elderly or otherwise vulnerable residents of Oxford.  It contains contact information and links to potentially useful information. If you know of [...]

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The ROSE and CROWN community


Where are you?      Who's with you?      How are you? During this disaster it would suit some regulars to keep in touch, to offer help, advice, encouragement, warm words. With that in mind, I asked Adam for a platform through which we might connect. His advice, based on quality of the software [...]

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We will open THIS WEEK from 5pm to 9pm. Please follow all NHS advice. We have installed a 'hand sanitising door handle' this afternoon in further measures to raise hygiene standards. (Bottom blue part of door handle dispenses santisier). We are doing our best in the circumstances! The unit was supplied by Altitude Medicals, “Open [...]

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