Selection Supper


In this the 150th Anniversary year of OURFC, we are overjoyed to welcome the OURFC for their selection supper for the 15th consecutive time! It all began in 2004, when Dave Lubans asked me on many, many, many occassions if he could bring his his rugby team to the R&C. I help out for several [...]

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Rugby World Cup “” id’s


Danshari             -     There is art in decluttering. Ishin Denshin   -     Unspoken understanding. Ma                         -     The space between objects is as important as the objects themselves. Nintai                   -    [...]

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Our “YOUR CASH” ATM is shut down.


The "YOUR CASH" ATM at the Rose and Crown is shut down by EURONET WORLDWIDE. MONEYWISE" comments, "EURONET WORLDWIDE" ... who remotely and without any explanation or conversation - just emails, CLOSED DOWN the  "YOUR CASH" ATM. "YourCash is part of Euronet Worldwide, and are ATM, cash machine specialists. We manage an extensive estate of [...]

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Patrick, Debbie and I attended Jack Gibbons Farewell Piano Party at the Holywell Music Room on Wednesday 14th August '19. Put simply, we were 'blown away' ! Thank you Jack Gibbons for an amazing evening and the WORLD PREMIERE of your own composition which was so enjoyable. Brilliant. BRAVO !! CONCERT 8:  at 8.00PM Jack [...]


Our ATM has been closed down or has it?


Our ATM has been closed down or has it? Someone came into the Rose and Crown this morning and decommissioned our ATM. This means they removed the "YOUR CASH" EPP Data Drive (Your Cash WERE the Rose and Crown's 'provider') but they left the machine we own, helpless and useless. Aaaaaaaww. Oh, 'Your Cash' would [...]

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50 years ago …


A note in my diary reminds me that 50 years ago today, (Friday) 8th August 1969, I began my full time career in the licensed trade as a glass collector and occasional toilet cleaner at the Badger Bars ( brewer: Hall and Woodhouse) at Fir Vale Road, Bournemouth under the tutelage of the licensee, Mr. [...]

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It’s in black and white, Mark Carney is number 1.


This evening I'm sorting the R&C 'library' and I find an old Ice Hockey Varsity programme and I thought I would share it with you. The cover is not usual in its presentation, ... but page 4 and then page 5, a name caught my eye (#1)  ... It's in black and white, Mark Carney [...]

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Elder Statespeoples of Oxford Ice Hockey visit


We had a most memorable and enjoyable night, when, travelling from near and far, the "elder statespeoples" of Oxford City Stars Ice Hockey Club, from the previous millenium gathered here, on Saturday night, 3rd August 2019, to relax and reminisce. Oh! What fun it was! ... and they were ALL so wonderful. We thank Kim [...]

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US Naval Academy rowers visit us.


We were amazingly fortunate to entertain the US Naval Academy rowers on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings, as they prepare for the King's Cup (mixed crews) at Henley. Inn our time here no-one has ever bettered the delightful, courteous and charming manner of our guests from their head coach, Rob Friedrich, his assistant, Jessica Deitrick, [...]

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