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Oxford City Morris perform their traditional and amusing Christmas Mummers Play!
Lasting about 10 minutes, it is performed anywhere but a theatre, maybe a back street, waste recycling centre, cemetery and occasionally they’re allowed in a public house.
This is your opportunity to meet Father Christmas, St. George (hooray!), the Turkish knight (boooo!), the doctor, Mr. John Finney, the Parson’s Nose, Beelzebub and an old woman!
To follow their debatable acting skills they drink ale, play music and possibly sing.
A frying pan to collect donations for a local charity, this year TBA is passed around for those who wish to contribute and hopefully bring the evening to as quick a close as possible.
NB: This is not a nativity play and is unsuitable for children under 5 or those of a sensitive or artistic disposition.



Mummers sometimes wear face-obscuring hats or masks. In 1418 a law was passed forbidding “mumming, plays, interludes or any other disguisings with any feigned beards, painted visors, deformed or coloured visages in any wise, upon pain of imprisonment”. When was it repealed? … and more to the point, why?

“It is now officially Christmas as I’ve been mumming.”

Hero’s were cheered and villains were booed, the ever grasping doctor was paid off in chocolate euro’s
It also looks like the battle was fierce and the Parsons nose was having fun.

Wassail, Ted (AKA Doctor and Fool)

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