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FUNDRAISER for Yarsa Kashigaon village clinic.

A lecture given by
Professor Mike Searle (Earth Sciences)
Professor David Gellner (Anthropology)

with latest progress reports on the building of the school and clinic.

Entrance (including fundraising lecture) £20 per person.

Please copy the poster below (scroll down) and display it EVERYWHERE, thank you.       


After the devastating earthquake at Nepal on Saturday, 25th April 2015 (magnitude 7.8) many villages were badly damaged, some were completely destroyed.
Professor Mike Searle, the University of Oxford professor of Earth Sciences, works extensively in the Himalayas and was famed here at the Rose and Crown for his introduction of Tasi Sherpa, our legendary chef from 1999 to 2007.
Mike is professionally acquainted with the university sherpa, a Ghale or Gorkha called Suka Suk who lives in the high Himalayan village of Yarsa Kashigaon. Their village was badly damaged, most buildings still stood but many lost roofs, and walls were cracked etc.. The old school was completely destroyed, flattened, luckily there was no one inside, as it was a Saturday afternoon. Mike decided to help by doing some fund raising to help rebuild the village school. (The first thing that come to mind of a university professor. )
Fund raising began, with all money raised being converted to Nepalese Rupees by Oxford university graduates, now bankers, who waived all currency exchange fees.
Mike Searle raised the funds here and sent them to Doug Scott  at CAN, a registered UK charity that can get Gift Aid on the monies. CAN then sent the money out to a special Village Bank account in Pokhara that Mike got them to open. All the onsite organising was done by Suka Ghale.
With the local devastation so great, local suppliers saw an opportunity to increase costs of basic materials, Mike insisted they looked further afield till they could buy materials at normal market rates, resulting in a short delay in rebuilding, but, as you’d realise, so much more could be achieved.
Earthquake-proof buildings were designed by CAN and the Nepali government.
The School cost was approx £38,000 – this included salaries for the 2 village ladies teachers that we have paid since then. The two extra classrooms were paid also by us but some of this was money from the Nepal government from their aid fund.
After the school was completed there was some money remaining and after enquiries from Mike, the highest school lavatories on the planet were built.
Still with a little money leftover Mike and the elders of Yarsa Kashigaon decided to build a clinic that would be connected to the school buildings. For the residents of Yarsa Kashigaon it is a few DAYS walk (carry!) and several hours by road and rail to see a doctor. If they had a clinic with basic equipment manned by a doctor/nurse, it would save a lot of time and offer sympathetic advice and support to the locals of all ages.The clinic costs are ongoing. £25000 has already been raised but he needs about £15000 more for the roof, inside kit etc…


This “You Tube” video from Kashingaon, though all commentary is in Nepali, it certainly gives a feel for the village.

(Author: me, to the best on my ability, any corrections please inform immediately, thank you.)
1st – 18/7/19: