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Played since 1872 and held at Twickenham Stadium, the home of England Rugby since December 1921, The Varsity Match is once again set to turn the hallowed turf two shades of blue, as the women and men from Oxford and the other university do battle in this iconic clash.

OURFC Varsity XV 2018

OURFC Varsity XV 2018

See the team photographs from the R&C Selection Supper, 2018.

REFEREE:        Nigel Owens MBE will add another big rugby occasion to his world record breaking CV when he makes his debut in the men’s Varsity Match. Read more … about the first Welshman to carry the whistle for 105 years!

Seating an impressive 82,000 spectators, Twickenham is the largest dedicated rugby union venue in the world.

The Varsity Match has been played at Twickenham since 1920, having previously been played at Queen’s Club (1887 – 1920), Blackheath (1880 – 1886) The Oval (1873 – 1880) and University Parks (1872).

A day out at Twickenham is an experience that will not be forgotten in a hurry.

There are very good, SPECIAL STUDENT RATES.

BUY TICKETS HERE or through the club office at Iffley Road, phone Tim Stevens, General Manager, at 01865 432000. You can also book cheap coach tickets, picking up at Iffley Road to Twickenham and return. The coaches return at intervals allowing you to travel back to Oxford immediately or after the game or stay awhile and soak up the atmospere (in the bars!) for a later return.



SECOND GAME – MEN’S VARSITY MATCH      Kick Off   3.00pm
(some photographs from the 2018 selection supper at the R&C)




2017 Conor Kearns (Jesus)
2016 Fergus Taylor (St Cats)
2015 George Messum (St Anne’s)
2014 Jacob Taylor (Keble)
2013 John Carter (Kellogg)
2012 John Carter (Kellogg)
2011 John Carter (Kellogg)
2010 Nick Haydon (University)
2009 Daniel Rosen (Worcester)
2008 Peter Clarke (St Cross)
2007 Joe Roff (Harris Manchester)
2006 Kevin Brennan (Linacre)
2005 Andrew Dalgleish (St Anne’s)
2004 David Lubans (St Anne’s)
2003 John Allen (University)
2002 Fraser Gemmell (St Cats)
2001 Brett Robinson (Wadham)
2000 Jamie Weston (Keble)
1999 Norman Celliers (Keble)
1998 David Kelaher (St Cross)
1997 Richard Maher (University)
1996 Quentin de Bruyn (Keble)
1995 Tyrone Howe (Keble)
1994 David Henderson (Keble)
1993 Chad Lion-Cachet (Keble)
1992 Mike Patton (St Catherine’s)
1991 Andrew Everett (University)
1990 Mark Egan (St Cross)
1989 Brian Smith (St Anne’s)
1988 Rupert Vessey (Green)
1987 Bill Calcraft (Brasenose)
1986 Simon Griffin (University)
1985 Neil MacDonald (University)
1984 Tim O’Brien (University)
1983 Hugo MacNeill (St Edmund Hall)
1982 Phil Crowe (University)
1981 Nigel Roberts (Jesus)
1980 Nick Mallet (University)
1979 Peter Enevoldson (Brasenose)
1978 Anthony Watkinson (St Edmund Hall)
1977 Tim Bryan (St Edmund)
1976 Dugald MacDonald (University)
1975 Cecil Shaw (St Edmund Hall)
1974 Charles Kent (Worcester)
1973 Denis Kay (University)
1972 Tim Seymour (Keble)
1971 Richard Jones (St Edmund Hall)
1970 Peter Carroll (Mansfield)
1969 Chris Laidlaw (Merton)
1968 Robert Phillips (Corpus Christi)
1967 Robert Phillips (Corpus Christi)
1966 Tommy Bedford (St Edmund Hall)
1965 Frederick Craig (Balliol)
1964 Ronnie Lamb (St Edmund Hall)
1963 Nick Silk (Merton)
1962 Joe McPartlin (St Edmund Hall)


Despite the unfortunate name, our favourite local pub is the Duke of Cambridge and they correctly boast “WE GUARANTEE WE ARE THE CLOSEST PUB TO THE RUGBY GROUND!” and where we often watch the Women’s Varsity Match. … more ...

More details on Facebook … more …

TWICKENHAM STADIUM extend the VARSITY MATCHES agreement, ahead of 100th aniversary.  … more …


What is the etymology of this famous Oxford student saying, it intrigues me?

Merriam Webster offer: Definition of shoo-inone that is a certain and easy winner.
The Urban Dictionary give us: Shoeing, to violently beat another – literally a shoe In.
The Urban Dictionary continues: Shoe in, person,place,or thing that is obvious. He is a shoe in for the job. The location for her new store is a shoe in. Their idea for solving the personnel problem is a shoe in.