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As a result of the current situation with COVID-19, The Boat Race on 29th March has been cancelled. This decision is based entirely on our concern for the welfare of our crews, our spectators, our staff and volunteers.
Robert Gillespie, Chairman of The Boat Race Company Limited, commented: “Given the unprecedented situation our country and each of us as individuals faces, the public good far outweighs all other considerations. Cancellation of The Boat Race is therefore clearly the correct decision, but it is not without sad consequence. Our thoughts are very much with the athletes who have worked so hard and made immense sacrifices to represent their University and are now unable to do so.
“To cancel is not an easy decision and we realise this news will undoubtedly disappoint all those who look forward to the Race each year – whether watching on the riverbanks, on TV or online.”
“We would like to thank our partners, fans, the local businesses and community for their continued support.”.


Sunday 29th March

The 75th Women’s Boat Race 3.44pm      The 166th Men’s Boat Race 4.44pm

Side-by-side rowing competition between the University of Oxford (sometimes referred to as the “Dark Blues”) and the University of Cambridge (sometimes referred to as the “Light Blues”).First held in 1829, the race takes place on the 4.2-mile (6.8 km) Championship Course, between Putney and Mortlake on the River Thames in south-west London. The rivalry is a major point of honour between the two universities; the race is followed throughout the United Kingdom and broadcast worldwide.

2019 MEN: Cambridge will go into the 2020 men’s race as champions, having won the 165th race  by a margin of five lengths. Cambridge lead overall in the MENS race with 84 victories to Oxford’s 80.

2019 WOMEN: Cambridge will go into the 2020 women’s race as champions having won their 74th race. This was their third consecutive victory, Cambridge lead overall in the women’s race to 44 victoriesto Oxford’s 30.

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