A note in my diary reminds me that 50 years ago today, (Friday) 8th August 1969, I began my full time career in the licensed trade as a glass collector and occasional toilet cleaner at the Badger Bars ( brewer: Hall and Woodhouse) at Fir Vale Road, Bournemouth under the tutelage of the licensee, Mr. Gordon Hendes, a good man.
Happy memories.

This tiny photograph is the only one I could find on the internet, if anyone has a better one, I’d love to add it here.
The entrance is small and unassuming but the single door to the left led downstairs and into a very large Bavarian Dive Bar with a smaller equally themed bar to the rear.
I guess it could possibly hold in excess of a 100+ (?) patrons. There were doormen to make certain that on peak summer evenings the bar was not over crowded.
The double doors to its right led into the lounge bar and a 50+ (?) cover restaurant .
In 1970, Hall & Woodhouse took on the lease of the shop to the right hand side of the double doors and opened it as an Off Sales shop.
It was a very big pub with a very small entrance and offered 3 bars and a restaurant over 2 floors.