Our annual Grand National Sweepstake results:
     1st      Oska from Gee’s restaurant   … wins the bottle of  champagne.

FIRST TO FALL     Richard   … again wins the bottle of Dubonnet he won last year!
     2nd                        Adam Hall… wins a bottle of   (pending a stewards enquiry)
     3rd                         Professor Andy Orchard   … wins a bottle of sarsons white.
LAST TO FINISH    Rob McKenna  … wins a bottle of cider brandy.

We raised £50 for our Yarsa Kashigaon Earthquake Appeal     AND    there’s more information HERE

The school house is built, the lavatories are built, it’s  just the clinic/surgery to finish and we need a few thousand more to finish this fabulous project.
Congratulation to professor Mike Searle (Oxford University – geology) and sherpa Ghale Suka Suk Ghale for all their hard work.