Maxine Day – jazz singer has died.

Tim Richardson (drums) gave me this most sad news that Maxine had passed away earlier in the month.

Maxine had been unwell for a while.

South African born, Maxine was a jazz singer with a wonderful, melodic and powerful voice, that had great expression and passion. Her endearing, gentle nature was only matched by the power and beauty of her voice.

She was caring, friendly and utterly charming with an ever present dazzling smile.

Maxine, despite her years, was entertaining customers through to the early hours on New Yeas Eve, 2018 and caring for her husband who had suffered the ravages of  dementia for many years. Sadly he passed on two years ago.

Maxine’s friend, Frank Williams (sax), has contacted the pastor near Maxine’s South African home and he will name Maxine in their prayers today. Maxine often returned home.

Tim Richardson (drums) and Steve Foster (vocals) made me aware of a You Tube recording made by Maxine 55 years ago!  Listen here, from “Songs of the Cape”, –  Maxine Day – Make Up Your Mind Girl.

Listen to The Glenn Robertson Jazz Band featuring Maude Damons (UK) LIVE at Kaleidoscope Cafe!

We will dearly miss you Maxine. RIP.

with (l to r) Steve ‘sherpa’ Smith (bass), Tim Richardson (drums) and Martin Pickett (keys)

… photographs from Maxine’s gig in June 2019.


Maxine’s last appearance at Jazz Inn The Courtyard was last September.

Owing to the strictures of the present pandemic, Maxine’s funeral it will take place on thurs 28th May at 9.15am, without a ceremony, at Sedgemoor Crematorium, Red Lane, Bridgwater at Devon. Maxine’s stepson and his wife will attend her.