Our ATM has been closed down or has it?

Someone came into the Rose and Crown this morning and decommissioned our ATM.
This means they removed the “YOUR CASH” EPP Data Drive (Your Cash WERE the Rose and Crown’s ‘provider’) but they left the machine we own, helpless and useless.
Oh, ‘Your Cash’ would have left our machine in working order if we paid them £2,160 pa.

We’ve been told this story:
Link, the ATM overseeing authority of ALL ATM’s (banks and freestanding) have changed the “interchange rate”  which makes it unprofitable to run ATM machines in the UK.
In search of a new ‘provider’, I spoke to a very helpful, courteous and polite young lady from CashZone, who took the time to explain to me what’s been happening in the ATM world.
The new interchange rate charged by ‘LINK’  means that ATM providers from the ‘high street’ banks to independent suppliers lose money in a an ATM transaction, to such an extent that everyone, including ‘high street;’ banks are closing them down.

Looks as if the cashless society is taking a grip, eh?

But that doesn’t appear to be the story HERE


The engineer who came to decommissioned was apparently ‘unfriendly’ to us, so was left alone to do his deed!
He left the premises unsupervised and we don’t know what he did, if anything, but the machine is on and appears to be functioning.

There is more to this than meets the eye.