We had a most memorable and enjoyable night, when, travelling from near and far, the “elder statespeoples” of Oxford City Stars Ice Hockey Club, from the previous millenium gathered here, on Saturday night, 3rd August 2019, to relax and reminisce.
Oh! What fun it was! … and they were ALL so wonderful.
We thank Kim Filby for this photograph of most of them …

L to R: John Matassa (1986-91), Tim Steadman (1986/7: 1989: 1990-92), Rachelle Kyffin now Reeves (Oxford City Rockets 1985-93 & GB), Paul Simpson (1985-1989 & GB), Martin Jeneway (1992), Ian Dibley (Management: club and supporters 1984 to date), Kim Filby (nee Morvan), Robbie Morris (1985-1987), Ben Acquah (various [but never “Stars”] 1986-94), Lou Matassa (John’s wife), Gary Dent (Management: club and league 1984 to date). Standing L: The landlord.
… the notable absentees from the photograph being Kim’s ‘ex’,
Darryl Morvan (1984 – 1999), who arrived a little later, and

… and her best friend, who was probably holding the camera,
Sue Parsons (Streatham Strikers 1985-88: Streatham Storm 1999-2018).

Scott Gough (1991-96:2003-06) previous engagement.
Dave Wilson (1988-92; 1993-96) previous engagement.
Emma Bowles now English (Stars [1 game] & Rockets 1985 – 1993) previous engagement.
Nigel Laverick (Sin Bin Brew 1985-99) previous engagement.

… and they would like to come back in October. They’re all truly welcome.