Tonight, Harald ‘popped the question’ to Ebba and she accepted. 
Harald studied at Oxford until 2018 and was introduced to the Rose and Crown by his wonderful parents, his mother, Majbritt and his father, Gudmunder, a university academic from Reykjavík.
Somehow it felt appropriate at the Rose and Crown as it has many good memories for the Haroldson family and ours. Many congratulations to Ebba and Harald for a long and happy life together. x

Did anyone take a PICTURE? Forward it to me please.

On the table adjacent was chapman stick player and Rose and Crown supporter, Mr. Dave Bowmer of Bowmer & Holmes, unfortunately percussionist, Mr. David Holmes and virtuoso Mr. Mick Brennan, with prior engagements, were unable to join him that evening.
Listen to Surf Report played at the local Wolfson College auditorium. (12-MAY-14)

… and on stage that night, Hummus Crisis, (l to r) – Keith Armstrong, Ben Twyford and Martin Pickett.