This evening I’m sorting the R&C ‘library’ and I find an old Ice Hockey Varsity programme and I thought I would share it with you.
The cover is not usual in its presentation,

… but page 4 and then page 5, a name caught my eye (#1)  …

It’s in black and white, Mark Carney is number 1, ( … as is George and Davis’ ice cream, see back page advertisement.).

… and if you read his stats,(p5), you’ll see that sometime during the season he is credited with an assist, not an everyday occurrence.

On page 3 the netminder, Mark ‘Point Shaver’ Carney, gets a mention. (the penultimate paragraph)

Sounds like he’s quite a character, when he’s there.
The programme cites that Mr. Carney attended Nuffield College Oxford, I believe he attended St. Peter’s College or perhaps, both?
Mark Carney is the Governor of the Bank of England and former Governor of the Bank of Canada!
Well played Mr. Carney.
Who won the varsity ice hockey in 1994? I cannot find the result but I sense a Dark Blue victory, does anyone know?
Did you visit the Rose and Crown Mr. Carney? Remember, a warm welcome awaits you and all those who enter our portal.
To all the other men, from either of these teams, who have a story to tell about their lives, we’d love to hear from you.
In hockey and ale.