There is a new beer on the bar.

The award-winning


draught alcohol free beer

by Big Drop. (0.5% ABV)

Yes, we have installed a draught alcohol free beer so Matt can visit us at times outside of the public transport timetables and at times suitable to him! Now all we have to do is encourage him to drink draught alcohol free beer. Hmmmmm.

Citra IPA definitely has a place on the bar, a few pints and a chat down the pub and then drive to collect one’s friend from the cinema or theatre, everyone wins, eh?

The appearance of a draught alcohol free beer, led me to write:
” Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carrol and fantasy are synonymous.
The Rose and Crown PH and DRAUGHT ALCOHOL FREE BEER, weren’t!”.

Can beer be alcohol free? Is alcohol, at varying levels, an essential constituent of a beer?