R. R. Alden Oxford Ltd – butchers

Our fabulous meat suppliers since we first arrived at the Rose and Crown in 1983. … for more information …

Richard, Matthew and their team have advised us on everything, from cuts of meat, styles of cookery, best cuts for the barbecue,  to how to enjoy eating it! Invaluable. Thank you. Richard, Peter, David and Matthew.



Meatmaster Cash & Carry  (R. R. Alden Oxford Ltd)

Now you can also enjoy Aldens great meats, butchery skills and advice at their open to the public meat Cash and Carry … for more information …
Where is Meatmaster Cash & Carry? … for more information …

Leaving St. Fridewides Square, next to the railway station, it’s about 5 minutes by bicycle, 3 minutes by car and about 15 minutes by shanks’ pony.
Meatmaster claim “Save up to 40% compared with supermarkets“, got to be worth a look, eh?


“… a proudly independent and passionate family business that takes the very best of its handcrafted brewing heritage

Not only a VICTORIAN BREWERY of some of Oxfordshire’s fabulous ales but ALSO has a visitor centre offering guided tours with free beer samples, which must be booked. CLICK HERE.

Lve Made Me Weddings
… aim is to create uncomplicated weddings in simple locations across London.

Annabel Hall helps couples build a day to celebrate their love by organising wedding days filled with laughter, good food & drink, magical lighting and music that you really enjoy.

Welcome to Online Designs.

I’m Andrew Turner. I design and build beautiful websites, helping people and the projects they are passionate about, make a difference. Andrew built this website for our public house. His skills in interpreting my requirements, his patience in my changes of mind and the speed in delivering my most recent addition or change of mind, have been exceptional. Thank you and well done!

Urbanoid Wprkspace Oxford

Welcome to Urbanoid Workspace Oxford

Unique serviced office spaces in central Oxford with desks from £160 per month. Close to central Oxford … and local bus services. Office space … new and small businesses … terms are straightforward, predictable, all-inclusive flat rates. …  We offer … hot desks and as dedicated workstations that can be scaled and grouped to suit  …  plus … other facilities …  grow your business at URBANOID® WORKSPACE OXFORD

Basics Catering Equipment
Basics showroom at Witney

From their extensively and fully stocked ‘BASICS’  showroom in Witney, Mick and Julie have, in their polite, friendly and courteous way, supplied us ceramic tableware, glass, cutlery, cookware, bar accessories and allied products since they opened in 1985.

North Parade Market
Market webpage

Fresh bread from Dan Schickentanz’s Degustibus‘, occassionally fab fish from Selsey Bill and occassionally fresh vegetables and fresh meat all enhance our kitcken offer. No to mention the hot street food, that may be eaten in the R&C with some real ale or a glass of wine. Hmmmm! There are often some craft stalls as well.

The Oxford Jazz Agency

Headed by drummer extra-ordinaire, Tim Richardson, OJA organise many of the acts at JAZZ INN THE COURTYARD.

The Oxford Jazz Kitchen

Headed by sax player extra-ordinaire, Trish Elphinstone, OJK organise many of the acts at JAZZ INN THE COURTYARD.