It’s in black and white, Mark Carney is number 1.


This evening I'm sorting the R&C 'library' and I find an old Ice Hockey Varsity programme and I thought I would share it with you. The cover is not usual in its presentation, ... but page 4 and then page 5, a name caught my eye (#1)  ... It's in black and white, Mark Carney [...]

It’s in black and white, Mark Carney is number 1.2019-08-12T18:01:49+01:00

Welcome John Allen and family


It was a great pleasure to welcome back former student John Allen on Friday evening, 14th June. John was accompanied by his lovely wife Emily and their 3 delightful children, Will, Jack and Madison. (... with a combined age of 25) At Oxford University, John won 2 RUGBY BLUES, (2002 and in 2003 as captain) [...]

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TORPIDS - Oxford University Colleges Winter Rowing Races, 27th February - 2nd March 2019  (Qualifying or "Rowing On" is on 22nd February) Torpids is the winter series of bumping rowing races  held every year on the river Thames (known in Oxford as the River Isis) between Donnington bridge (nearest the start) and Folly bridge (nearest the [...]

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